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Neck-Ease Millet Bed Pillow $39.99

Millet has long been known as one of earth's hardest working grains. Used in folk remedies for generations, it is also one of the least allergenic grains. Now the healing properties of this grain are harnessed in the innovative NECK-EASE millet pillow. NECK-EASE millet pillows are filled with small independently flexible, organically grown, milled and cleaned millet hulls.

NECK-EASE millet pillows have a greater density than down, fiber-fills, foam or buckwheat hulls, thereby offering a much firmer yet smoother sleeping experience than other pillows. The passive support of the millet hulls completely cradles your neck and shoulders, making it more relaxing and therapeutic than other fills. Foam has an aggressive support system, that pushes back, not allowing the small intrinsic muscles of your neck to relax. The lack of support in down and synthetic fiber-fills causes these small muscles to work to support the vertebrae in the cervical curve while you sleep, causing tension. If you have tried buckwheat hull pillows, you will appreciate the quiet, smoothness as well as the added support of the millet hull pillows.

The NECK-EASE millet pillow is unique due to its ability to move with you as you sleep, giving you unmatched support and comfort. Recommended by chiropractors, medical doctors and therapists to stabilize the cervical spine while sleeping allowing the overstressed muscles to release the tension that causes headaches and insomnia.

17" x 22"

From Neck-Ease

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 October, 2006.
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