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Here is another chance to form another good health habit in your life.

To both feel and perform better, stretch regularly. When we do sporadically, there is usually an immediate reward and there can be even more benefit if we do it regularly. Start your day with a morning stretch, even before you get out of bed. This will provide you with less stiffness and more energy. Try to incorporate stretches throughout your day, especially if you are being mentally, physically or posturally stressed.

Each of our needs are actually very personal, so along with the benefits you can derive from the numerous support materials on stretching, I would encourage you to discuss specific stretches and exercises with your chiropractor. He or she has the best knowledge of your spine along with what specific needs you may require at any certain time.

Stretch Break - If you’ve been on the computer for a while, you’re probably ready for a stretch about now. Try the ‘Leaf’ position. Sit up comfortably and let your arms hang down by your sides. Now, move your arms behind you, with your palms facing the floor and your fingers pointing straight backwards. Now, tuck your chin in and hold it, then squeeze your shoulder blades together. Enjoy the stretch for a few seconds, and relax.

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