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God placed within each of us, an on-board healing plan, not the least of which is our immune system. He wired us neurologically and placed the brain as command central.

In this beautiful design, our brain, along with it’s extension, the spinal cord and peripheral nerves (those extending out from the spinal cord to the rest of the body), make up the Master System, the Nerve System, whose function it is, “to control and co-ordinate all the other organs and structures, and to relate the individual to his/her environment”, paraphrased from Grays Anatomy, fourth Ed. pg.4.

A visualization of this uninterrupted two-way communication is like looking at a closed safety pin, with the brain cell at one end and the tissue cell on the other. With the pin closed, constant exchanges and feedback remain uninterrupted. This kind of continual communication is essential for homeostatic regulation and good health. Should the safety pin be opened, the loop is lost and a subluxation exists. More commonly however in our bodies, long before those “loops” are completely broken (paralysis), they are usually impaired, resulting in less than optimal health via poor communication.

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