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Pioneers of the chiropractic profession noted early on, its impact on mental health. So, in the 30s, Clearview Sanitarium was established, which rendered interdisciplinary care through the 40s. For an interesting read, may I suggest the 1973 book, MENTAL HEALTH AND CHIROPRACTIC. Although long out of print and hard to find, this 290-page book describes well the interdisciplinary approach of the day and has 24 well versed contributing authors, whose written thoughts will provoke many of your own. Linus Pauling, Ph.D. authors one of the chapters along with a contribution to its forward.

As command central, the brain is directly impacted by subluxations. Whether there are visible signs or not. The associated postures often accompany them. When the nerve system is over- or under- stimulated, a poorer health potential is simply, the logical result. Take a moment to think about the close ties between your physical brain and your beautiful mind.

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