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Think back to the days of your youth. When you walked everywhere or rode your bicycle all around. It wasn’t only fun. It was healthy. You may have enjoyed swimming also. If any of those memories hold feelings of a healthier and happier you, there is hope. Ponder one or two activities you can safely try? Pick the one that’s the most fun and start out… slowly. If it sounds risky in any way, talk it over with your doctor first.

Another way to begin moving more is to offer help to someone else. Yard or house work for an elderly neighbor for example, or any number of other tasks. It doesn’t take much to get the spark started and the reward of helping others is not only physical, but also heart-felt. Offer to help a friend with one or more of their long overdue projects or needs. They may be also waiting for some motivation. A seemingly small help can sometimes make a big difference in one’s life and once you get started, it’s even easier to take on your own projects like…cleaning out your garage or something. Working for others can actually become income producing should you desire.

For those already serious about a structured program, make sure you’ve got a certified trainer and chiropractor on your team. If your spine houses any pre-existing asymmetries, doing symmetrical exercises may just be strengthening your asymmetrical pattern. This could actually hasten the degenerative process and hamper progress, whether you’re feeling stronger or not.

Remember, “movement is a good thing”. It is actually one of the signs of life.


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